Fifty Shades of Grey

I’m coming to the end of my graduate internship at the Getty, which has been wonderful, and taught me so much. There are exciting things happening in my life, but since I can’t yet officially announce them, I will share a very silly poem with you.

Dedicated to my friend Owen Duff, whose literary influences are significantly more interesting than this, but who giggled nonetheless.

50 Shades

My mother


My mother Kate McSherry lost her battle with Motor Neurone Disease, known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease in the US, one year ago today. She fought with dignity and good humour against a disease which progressively stripped her of her voice, then her ability to eat, walk, write, sit up, and eventually breathe.

Like everyone who knew her, I remember my mother as beautiful, quick to love and deeply generous, even in the middle of her final illness. There is a tribute fund in her name at the Motor Neurone Disease Association, where a donation can be made in her memory.