Journal of Comparative American Studies: Special Issue

I’m proud to announce the launch of a CAS Special Issue featuring new essays on New York, with work by myself and co-fellows from the 2010 NYU Fulbright Summer Institute. You can download it here. The issue was guest edited by my awesome colleagues, and it’s a great testament to the cohort and the program. This is us:


We really are this cool.

Valentine’s Day

The Independent has listed the Salt Book of Younger Poets as one of its top ten Valentine’s Day gifts. Seriously. Like champagne, and truffle butter. We are to poetry what Marc Jacobs is to, um, aftershave. And what a review:

“Poetry is always a winner. This anthology showcases the new crop of young British poets and runs the gamut from lovey-dovey stuff to verses about technology.”

Full article here.

Heart Card

Terra Summer Residency

I am currently in residence as a Junior Fellow at the Terra Foundation for American Art Summer Residency, in Giverny, France. The programme brings together doctoral level art historians with visual artists. You can find out more here, including a list of participants.

At the Terra offices, Paris

At the Terra offices in Paris, with Kirsty Breedon and Anna Plesset. Photo by David Prince.